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About Us

2020-02-28 22:50

        1.We started our trade business through eBay from 2004,till now we selling products on Amazon, Aliexpress, Wish, Alibaba ect. Our main products are fashion jewelry and we also selling clothing & accessories,cosmetics,daily necessities and so on.We have our own jewelry factory and some cooperation factories.We have a mature supply chain and multiple overseas  logistics channels to meet the delivery request for all of the products.We will try our best to offer the products not just ensured quality but also with best wholesale price for you on our website.

        2. We accept payment with Paypal,not just convenient to pay online but also has fund guarantee for you.

        3. We provide distribution service: After you registered on our website you also can apply to be a distributor.We will just need to do some simple configuration then you can download products details and set up them into your own website with the price that you want to sell with,then you already start your own business.You also can set up your own Paypal to receive payment and ensure the money going into your own Paypal.Our warehouse will deal with all of the shipments for all of the orders.

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