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Shipping methods

    1.Malaysia Post 、China Post: Free shipping




Shipping Fee

1,Shipping to different countries there are different delivery method and different price, you can choose the way based on your knowledge about the delivery method. If you can’t find the delivery that you want from our website ,you can select to customize the way and notice the way you have selected. We will contact with the delivery company and help you to verify the shipping fee.

2,We also provide shipping services, if you ordered the product more or heavier, you can choose shipping by sea to save the shipping costs, but the delivery time will be a little longer. If you select shipping by sea, we will contact with you to get the relevant information such as which port have to reach.

3. Shipping fee is usually calculated according to the weight of your order (products weight plus the estimated weight of packaging weight). But some of the goods are in low weight but big volume, the shipping fee of these goods are usually calculated by volume not by weight. When there is such a big difference in your order, we will contact you, if it is just a little difference, and we have pay for the extra freight charges, we will not contact you. Or the mode of delivery may be changed. If you have such problems in your oder, please understand!

4,The shipping fee usually calculated by the amount weight of the order and the delivery address. In some areas there are the problem about the remote parts, if you are in the remote areas, you should add some additional remote delivery charges to your shipping fee. Increased freight costs are different depending on the different companies. To know the specific information please reference the instructions of the shipping fee.